Baking with Fresh Ingredients: the secret to real gourmet crackers

Why we believe cooking with fresh ingredients make all the difference... Firstly, many of the nutritious elements of food rely on the ingredients being fresh. This should be no difference for baking cracker biscuits. The more processed a biscuit, the more stablilisers and enhancers are required to keep the product fresh. We use no stabilisers, enhancer or ingredients to enhance the longevity of our crackers. Instead we use all fresh ingredients and bake and package our crackers on the same day. Our crackers are stored in air locked bags and are guaranteed fresh.

Secondly, why is it that when you go to a restaurant you expect the chef to be cooking with all fresh ingredients but food on supermarket shelves can be full of preservatives and enhancers and dried ingredients. The reason why chefs cook with fresh ingredients is that the fresh oils that are in the herbs and vegetables contain many of the flavanoids that give the ingredients their flavour. By drying these products, many of these natural oils are lost or altered during this process and with it much of the associated natural flavours and aromas as well. For this reason, we choose to cook with all fresh ingredients. The end result, well we believe our crackers speak for themselves.

Thirdly, baking with fresh ingredients allow the fresh oils and flavours to combine with each other throughout the mixing process. During the baking process the fresh oils and flavours which have combined together then activate producing lifted flavours and aromas. As the cracker cools the flavours bind into the cracker fresh and ready to be consumed.

We will never compromise on our cracker flavours.




Fresh is best-

 Be sure to always seal packet after opening and comsume crackers with one week



Flavour matching-When comsuming with wine or cheese, the stronger the cracker flavour the better pairing with a more full bodied variety.



Natural choice-

Always look for natural fresh foods to pair with. Natural flavours work best with more alike.