7 Tasty Cracker Flavours: a gourmet lovers selection

Our initial thought didn't go down the path of what flavours are currently in the market place, rather we looked at what ingredients the Margaret River region has to offer, as well as how well these flavours will pair with the amazing wines, cheeses and dips located within the region. From the very start we knew the perfect olive oil for our crackers was going to be Vasse Virgin, so the next step was to meet with the local Farmer's Market growers and source as much local produce as we could for our crackers.

We sourced a number of local ingredients including fresh rosemary and fresh thyme from local herb gardens, organic garlic from Osmington Mill Garlic, onions from a number of local farmers for our onion glaze, truffles from Great Southern Truffles and Blue Cheese from Harvey Cheese. Slightly further abroad we sourced our Pepper from Queensland, our Sea Salt from Tasmania and our Rock Salt from Murray River.

After months of trialing with many flavour combinations as well as sampling our crackers with many local wines, cheese and fresh dips, we finally came up with our first 7 flavours.

Here they are...

1. Original

Sometimes it's just nice to have a cracker that offers a flavoursome base while still allowing the wine, cheese and dips to be the main attraction. The original, whilst similar to traditional crackers has a beautiful rich savory flavour, delicate buttery undertones and a fresh crisp crunch.

2. Cracked Black Pepper & Sea Salt.

Freshly cracked Queensland black pepper is combined into the dry ingredients and activates during the baking process. The fresh pepper is not only highly aromatic but creates a warming sensation on the palate and is the perfect accompaniment with soft and hard cheeses.

3. Fresh Rosemary & Rock Salt

The secret behind this cracker is using fresh rosemary. The natural oils in the rosemary bake into the cracker and a light sprinkle of Murray River Rock Salt balances the natural flavours with the the highly aromatic rosemary characters.

4. Caramelised Onion & Fresh Thyme

Caramelised onion and thyme is a well known flavour combination for jams and relishes so there is no wonder it works as a cracker as well. We choose to bake with fresh thyme for the lifted aromatics and the addition of a sweet onion glaze offers an overall savory yet sweet component which is a perfect marriage.

5. Roasted Garlic & Fresh Rosemary

Using fresh organic garlic sourced from Margaret River's Osmington Mill organics ensures real and lifted garlic flavours bind into the cracker biscuit. Combined with fresh rosemary takes the aromas and flavours to a new level.

6. Shaved Parmesan & Roasted Garlic

Parmesan & garlic, two of the most recognizable components in Italian cooking. Why are these flavours so popular? Well, primarily because they have robust flavours which hold their own, offering lifted aromas and matched rich flavours. Using fresh organic garlic and fresh Parmesan cheese is the real difference.

7. Blue Cheese & Manjimup Truffle

The unmistakable richness and unique flavours in blue cheese combined with the earthy flavours of local black winter truffles make for a truly gourmet flavour experience. Blue cheese in crumbled on top of the crackers prior to baking and the truffle is mixed into the cracker base, creating a rich flavour profile which continues to build with every bite.

We are always looking for more growers and flavour combinations to sample. For now we hope that these flavours, as well as 5 out of the 7 also being available in Gluten Free, will be an appealing selection for the next soiree.




Fresh is best-

 Be sure to always seal packet after opening and comsume crackers with one week



Flavour matching-When comsuming with wine or cheese, the stronger the cracker flavour the better pairing with a more full bodied variety.



Natural choice-

Always look for natural fresh foods to pair with. Natural flavours work best with more alike.