Gluten Free Crackers: it's all about flavour & texture

We searched near and far to find gluten free crackers to compare with and we just couldn't find anything that offered a gourmet approach to Gluten free. There were rice crackers and very simple grain crackers which were either very crumbly or too hard but nothing came close to what we had in our minds as a gourmet cracker.

Why should it be that a gluten free diet means you have to substitute flavour and choice. From the beginning it became our aim to come up with a cracker that could stand on it's own and match the flavours of our classic gourmet crackers. We finally came up with the perfect flavour combination, using 5 different flours no less. The result we are very proud of and having 6 gourmet flavours available means no one has to miss out on choice or flavour.

As with our regular crackers, our belief stems from using fresh local ingredients and this is why we believe this range of gluten free cracker is the best out there. They have a fresh crunch of a regular cracker and contain all the amazing local Margaret River and Australian ingredients, ensuring flavour is unmatched anywhere else.

We really don't want people to have to even think about of crackers being gluten free. We would much prefer people to enjoy our crackers for their high quality and authentic flavours and because they are a great cracker to share with others. The fact that they are gluten free, made with all natural ingredients and made in Australia is just a bonus.




Fresh is best-

 Be sure to always seal packet after opening and comsume crackers with one week



Flavour matching-When comsuming with wine or cheese, the stronger the cracker flavour the better pairing with a more full bodied variety.



Natural choice-

Always look for natural fresh foods to pair with. Natural flavours work best with more alike.