Knowing our Local Producers: from paddock to product

One of the best ways to meet and talk with our growers is to head down to the local Margaret River Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning and actually stand face to face with the growers working behind the stalls. As most of the herbs and veggies have been picked the previous day, the growers know exactly what it takes to have their product ready for sale every Saturday.

By having that direct contact with the grower we know when is the best time to order our ingredients ensuring consistent freshness and availability. We can also determine the best varieties to use for our baking needs and find out tips and advice the growers who have been on the land for often generations can pass on to us.

The herbs and garlic are all organic and because they are freshly picked, the flavours are much richer and far better quality than will be found at the supermarket. Our blue cheese producer Robert St Dukes from Harvey Cheese is an artisan cheese producer specialising in small batch traditional cheese production. The milk is sourced from Southwest cows and the cheese has won numerous awards including champion cheese producer at the Perth Royal Show 2015.

The Truffles are grown in Manjimup on the roots of hazelnut trees. Each truffle is hand picked and distributed around Australia and exported globally. Manjimup is the largest truffle region in Australia and is supplying many world class restaurants with fresh black truffles.

We are always on the lookout for new fresh suppliers for our crackers and will continue to source the freshest ingredients for baking. We are also on the lookout for new flavour combinations and already have an Australian bush herb range in the pipeline!




Fresh is best-

 Be sure to always seal packet after opening and comsume crackers with one week



Flavour matching-When comsuming with wine or cheese, the stronger the cracker flavour the better pairing with a more full bodied variety.



Natural choice-

Always look for natural fresh foods to pair with. Natural flavours work best with more alike.